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And none of these approaches have worked perfectly, but this seems to work better than other approaches.But in general, the only laws in this area that are enforced are those against prostitution, and customers are rarely pursued, partly because they are voters. Were you at all concerned about taking on the issue of sex trafficking in the shadow of the Somaly Mam story, where Mam was accused of fabricating parts of her life story of being trafficked? I think this is one of the great human rights issues, and there's no question that at one pole it's voluntary, but that at the other pole it's pretty much modern-day slavery.So providing comprehensive sex education and reliable birth control to at-risk girls who want it is one thing.Helping at-risk moms beginning when they're pregnant and especially in the first few years of life is also critical. " show in general a fairly steep decline over the last half-century or so.And she is this girl who was raped at a very young age, was trafficked at about age 13, and shot up with heroin so that she would put up with it a little better.What law enforcement model do you think would work best?We reported a little bit in West Virginia, and nearly 20 percent of babies born in West Virginia are born with drugs or alcohol in their systems. There are some in-home programs that work with pregnant women and have a pretty good record of not eliminating but reducing poor health outcomes. It's become much less cool to pay for sex now than it used to be decades ago. People used to drink and drive, and now that becomes much less cool and much less common.

The three-part series will look at sex trafficking, poverty, and domestic violence, following Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl Wu Dunn through Colombia, Haiti, Kenya, and the United States as they meet with activists, celebrities, and women fighting for their basic human rights. We began with sex trafficking in part because it's hard to think of a more egregious human rights violation in the United States than to have teenage kids forced into the sex industry, at age 12, 13, 14, and then raped daily as society averts its eyes. And we hope that this will shake people up a little bit as a step toward making a difference.Kristof, a columnist who regularly highlights international human rights issues, talked to about tonight's episode on the scourge of sex trafficking in the United States. Can you talk about what the word "trafficking" means? " And I think that there is a broad desire on the part of Americans to make a difference, to find a bit more purpose in life, and we think that there are indeed solutions to a lot of deeply rooted social issues.In the documentary, one of the women says, "Some women don't know they had been trafficked." Is there any difference between sex work and sex trafficking? There's a big debate about how much of sex work is trafficked, how much of it involves underage girls, and how much is consensual. But there is no doubt that there is a great deal that involves underage girls or the trafficking of women who are adults. Right now law enforcement are just enforcing laws, and the laws tend to be against prostitution generally.We sort of alluded to it here or there, but it's become kind of a poisonous debate. Activists have long pushed police to treat minors in the sex trade as victims, and from the documentary, it seems like at least some police forces are making small shifts in that direction. But what they can do in particular is provide support for minors who are arrested.

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