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inc Jixfti£ add Hk Hiol metnorf rrwduks, ha H drn TO ,cijr Pirc Drv.- Parnet Adaptor for CL Connect a COTV pla/er id any Aantga, and act of CD - ROM loftware. A60D EPIC PACK (40 Mb HD) PACK INCLU~:: S: MOO Hard Dislis (40Mb) * I Mb Memory * Epic * Rome * Myth * Pursuit* Amfga Teni* Deiirxe Paint III *: 12 Months at home service.

Tlie Pamet internee will allow die Ainiga CDTV to he uied as i dnvp widie any Amiga and will give any Amiga KD [ho vail range of COTV software currently The CDTV player of\ers excellcnc value for compared vt'nti a standard CD ^ IIOM drive Mo^r CD - ROM dnvsi will ;q[ you back ovi CDTV will cot T you lesi dian £300 and v/\\ pi In addition lo CD- ROM ' CDTV disks your lac? (The Parnet adapter can b link any Ami gas together) 3090031 £3 ZAPSAC AND T - SHIRT INDI PRICE £17.99 CDTV MULTI MEDIA * PARI INDI PRICE £289.9^ 300009 AMIGA A600 PRICE CRASH AAOO - SD A single drive Amiga for cho^e of you requiring a basic A600 at a ve petiiive price. uct camplet Elv 'ree of chflfge- As pari of our palfcy of continual product developmenl and rcfincmi^nr.

Use suspension enhancing devices such as air bags or auto leveling suspension to increase the carrying capacity.

The weight of the Versahaul carrier has already been considered.

hl^Jj JIh JI^j Programming masterclass: resource handling with abstract-data-type stacks n Ot CIMKR l«9S h^i'pj^^^i SHAREWARE COLLECTION - VOLUME SIX 1C«llhln m—i dllfe Cl OOr 01 cn«n#ng ♦ \ pro Mo MM, comms, programming tutoriak L video, music, Amiga DOS, public Aomain, legal advice, buying advio* and much, much more...

, uiure Your guarantee of value 77096l"7;on49' THE JAKKI BRAMBLES COLUMN Wdl OKlhcnyou Mumsand IDads, il'stliai lime ufth B year again when letters lo Santa are coming your way.

Far too oflen Jakki Brambles receives letlers from customers who are linding il difficult |i obtain a refund from an advertiser lhat has promised to supply bul hasn't.

To give yoti the confidence to purchase INB lias joined the DMA a very import Linl Independent Authority thai demands ihe highest possible standards Irom its members DMA members agree to abide by the British Code of Advertising Practice and to sub.seril to the Advertising Standards Board of finant l ASBOFl Look out For the DMA Symbol il your guarantee signi lying to the customer th truly professional edge of the industry. CONTENTS ISSUE 33 • DECEMBER 1 993 News Two hot new software packages from the States - Final Writer and Page Stream 3 PLUS Future Entertainment Show details and compo winners Cover disk 12 A complete Index of contents, and important advice on liow to retieve and make the best use of all the lovely public domain and shareware programs packed on to your cover disk Brilliance Review 28 Can this long-awaited package displace the revered Deluxe Paint as king of the paint packages?

Exceeding the Vehicle carrying capacity may cause the vehicle to become backloaded and may become unsafe to drive. The source code is on the cover disk Letters 104 Correction - how to install last month's Vims CAec Aer PLUS an alternative view on piracy ARexx 106 Learn how to control Wrus C/iec/ierfrcim your own scripts with this flexible and easy-to-use language Public Domain World 1 1 1 The latest batch of low-cost and no-cost software Includes a program to infest your Workbench screen with cochn Daches (.' - Ed), a selection of colour icons, and an astronomy program Product Locator 125 Your guide to the best in software, complete with supplier information and review references Safe shopping 128 Damned fine advice for ensuring you get a fair deal when buying products by mail order Next Month 129 ^ Rnd out what we've got in store for you next, and §,ee if you won issue 30's competition ^jtapetit U Thl^TOdth's prize ion 130 Trtl CTIBiith's prize is £800-worth of full colour fialbed scanner from Epson.All you have to do is answer the three ridiculously easy questions COl OUl 'l OUli Rnd out which Is the best colour hand scanner package for you in our review round-up PLUS we take a look at the more upmarket Epson GT 6500 colour flatbed scanner and compare the abilities of all the Amiga-compatible soflware packages available for it AMIGA 5H0PPI t ^' 'BFCr tq STATUS IIGAAI200 W. * 3,5'' Im * AA Chipset ^ Built In TV modjlaior ^ Alpha numeric kej'pad. I i_"j"_ I OFFICIAL Al 100 HD SYSTEMS The Amiga 1100 supplked by Indi Drren Mai F now includes the office Cornmadore installation disk and hard drive uti Fl^ manual.b^ NEW DESKTOP DYNAMITE PACK A 1 200 STANDARD FEATURES. :^ 12 Months 31 home mainrenance, FREE I); Wordwor* AGA* Print Manager « Deluxe Painl IV AGA ijc Osca 3^ Dennis Jh& Menace AGA 300003 £349.99 AMIGA 1200 CHARTBUSTER PACK AMIGA 1200 5D 4 Nigel Mansells World Championship Racing ^ Trolls I 41 Amiga Challenge Pack PACK INCLUDES: A): Incemalional Sports Challenge I (if Pandroid 90 ni Cool Croc Twins 41 Indianapolis 500 ■^00000] 6 MONTHS INTEREST FREE CRED Deposit £35.49 6 Monthly payments of £53.25 — £31 Total Interest Free Price £354.99 Price includes nam £5 delivery charj INDI PRICE ADD £ INDI PRICE ADD £ norma! Indl are [ be an offi Liial supplier of Amiga I 200 Hard Drive syitflms, that inc official software, dec umenation and on - site warranty.delivery charge) * Subject CO Sutui AI200 80MEGHD A 1 200 1 20 MEG HD £289.99 orfror.£ I |.04*p.r™nth "(Credit price bized on 36 monthf/ payments APR 29.8%. AMIGA A4000 GRAPHICS PACK NEW MONITOR RANGE THE NEW DUAL SYNC!

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