Updating lexus navigation system

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The bezel is NOT included.) This unit also works with rear seat factory VES systems. For safety reasons, certain features such as video playback, parts of the address book, and the keyboard to enter information are locked out when the vehicle is in motion.

(If you are replacing a head unit that was previously connected to a factory installed stock VES.)Sirius radio offers first traffic & weather report which provides the most frequent and in depth reports for the most congested cities across the country-over 20 major metro areas. Drivers can use the voice recognition feature, however.

U-Connect utilizes a small control pad, microphone and speaker which encourages safe vehicle operation and doesn't compromise driver control and even mutes the radio before receiving or sending a call. "Not applicaple/NA msg" - Displayed in Gracenote area.

U-Connect also stores up to 32 names in the system's phone book. Critical error, radio must be replaced (non-navigation REN models).

(U-connect requires a bluetooth hands-free profile wireless phone and an installation kit which is not included) Dealer instructions for front seat video enable/disable: 1. "EMERGENCY UPDATE/ERROR(256): failed to flash update ifs" - Error when updating software.

Emergency eject of stuck discs - Homemade CD-Rs or DVD-Rs that were poorly formatted may confuse the system, causing the disc to become jammed.

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Drivers can use the voice recognition feature, however.

The voice recognition system is designed to work with the windows up, the HVAC fan on Off or Low, and the user speaking in a normal tone.

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