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”“You’re being very loud.” Eddie replied plainly, not at all enjoying the feeling of being boxed in by the gangly limb.“Huh,” Richie’s eyes sparkled, like he had given him bait, but he had no idea what he said that deserved that look “that is exactly what your mother was saying to me last night when-”“Richie.” Beverly’s head popped up from under his arm.

She was a tall girl, taller than Eddie, but still had to make do sometimes when joining the conversations with the giraffe.

he went to sleep early, woke up earlier & took nothing for fucking hated his dorm neighbors, loud, obnoxious idiots who got drunk all the time.Poreotics | FRONTROW | World of Dance #WODHTown '14Dance Videos FIRST at the new Subscribe here.https:// Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and like us on Facebook:https://twitter.com/worldofdancehttps://instagram.com/worldofdancehttps:// #WODLifestyle -- Make sure to pick up the latest World of Dance Merchandise and Apparel now at Support the movement.Ben’s was in the corner, so Stan didn’t have to look at it. He still had his dance belt on, because he just preferred to whip everything off when he showered before bed. He raised his eyebrows."You know what, forget I said anything," Ben stood up, kicking Eddie's street shoes, a nice pair of boat shoes, in his direction, "let's just go." The party, like a gaping, infectious wound, had spread, and multiple doors in their hall were open. Eddie grabbed Ben’s wrist for support, and ignored his chuckle of amusement.Ben tried, but he always had these post-cards and notes pinned up on the walls with the odd picture, and his bed never managed to stay made. It was annoying, he needed to get it cut, but barbers weren’t open by the time he left the studio in the night most of the time.“I don’t know.” Ben shrugged, putting on his converse without unlacing the laces. “I think your...leggings are fine, and all but-”Eddie was wearing what he wore to class. There were rooms with snacks and rooms with booze and every room had a plethora of people.

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