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Regardless of whether or not she is doing the talking, by using your eyes in this way you are immediately showing that this is the person who you are interested in.Ultimately, if she feels as though she is interesting you, it sets you on the right path.

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While you should be looking to provide her with confidence and a feel-good factor, you also have to be careful not to make her think that everyone and anyone who comes into your path is greeted like this. When you greet your date, don’t flash a knockout smile.

It will be small things, like the positioning of your toes, that will just fall into place and ultimately make you appear like a much more attractive proposition.

On the subject of staying normal, most of us start to fidget when we’re left with an uncomfortable and unnatural situation.

The fact that there are trained professionals who can teach people exactly “how to be liked” or “how to be more effective” with their body language speaks volumes on just how important this can be in the dating scene. This is perhaps one of the most powerful pieces of advice you can follow.

The beauty of it all is that most guys don’t even realise its important – this is your chance to gain the upper hand and attract women that would otherwise be bypassing you in the street. Most of us go immediately stiff when presented with a dating opportunity – we’re just not our natural selves.

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