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As a starting point, on Monday 16th March afternoon, we were delighted with an Cardiac Anatomy and Pathology hands-on session by Gilda Caruso (Bari) and Yen Ho (London) on two highly relevant cardiovascular topics; the hypoplastic left heart sydrome and arrthymias.Short introduction lectures on the developmental and genetic bases underling these syndromes enhanced the links between cardiac anatomists/pathologists and developmental biologists.The meeting was highly successful from the scientific point of view.We managed to have a three day gathering, convering major topics on cardiovascular development and anatomy and pathology.Spanish cops fired rubber bullets and beat people with batons as they tried to disperse crowds gathering to vote.The regional government said voting took place in 73 per cent of approximately 6,000 polling stations.

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Finally, the last day of the meeting, Wednesday 18th March, we have dual contributions, both from the developmental biologists as reported by Jose Luis de la Pompa (Madrid) on novel insights on the role of Notch signalling during cardiovascular development, other contributions were linking developmental biology and adult diseases as reported by Marco de Ruiter (Leiden) on the marternal transmission of atherosclerosis and finally other contributions were more based on pure anatomical grounds such as that reported by Gilda Caruso (Bari) on the developmental anomalies of the aortic valve or that given by Gonzalo Moscoso (Granada) on the existence and functional importance of the ductus venosus.

Full registry of audience was acclaimed, raising therefore many interesting questions.

The introductory day was heralded with a superb keynote lecture by Jose Luis Gomez-Skarmeta (Seville), who allow us to understand a bit more in-depth the complexity of genome regulation and their current functional genomics approaches to unravel so.

The second day, Tuesday 17th March, we have had the soul of the meeting, since the entire day was devoted to science, even though the sunny day was claiming us to go for a walk on the sea shore.

We initiated our sessions with seminal works about the transcriptional and signalling pathways that regulate early cardiac development by Robert Kelly (Marseille) and Virginio Garcia-Martinez (Badajoz), respectively.

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