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And made her threatening to Master Epps’s wife, played by Sarah Paulson. Obviously it’s what intrigued and attracted Master Epps.

And she had to be present because he was so volatile. She was born on another plantation, but she was brought there as a little girl and she was in the house to begin. No, it’s in the book, in [Solomon Northup’s] autobiography.

How physical did you have to get, say, in the whipping scenes at the hands of Master Epps, played by Michael Fassbender? That was a quality of Patsey that Steve captured in the script.

[] I’m assuming you weren’t actually touched, but your reactions were so spot-on —It’s all about the crack of the whip. He said that she was “effortlessly sensual,” and I found this quote from James Baldwin, who described sensuality as being — he said, “To be sensual, I think, is to rejoice in the force of life itself and to be present in everything one does from the effort of loving to the breaking of bread.” And so Patsey was present, and that’s what made her so sensual.

Jada Yuan spoke to Nyong’o in Toronto about researching the role and the experience of getting whipped by Michael Fassbender. ) You hadn’t even graduated from Yale Drama School before you got cast, correct? I was extremely excited and of course, extremely intimidated.

Yeah, I actually got cast, I think, three weeks before I graduated. I had impostor’s syndrome until the day I landed in Louisiana. I was certain I was going to receive a call and they were going to say, “I’m sorry, we made a mistake.” Every single day.

Did you and Fassbender have to avoid each other on set so as not to be too friendly?

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In turn, black women used resistance tactics that ranged from birth control to midwifery in a struggle for control over their bodies and children.There were lots of Africans that got here that weren’t slaves, explorers and stuff. I read other accounts of slavery from the female perspective, as well. That was one technical thing, and definitely it took some finessing because obviously I can’t see what’s happening. I can only react to the sound and the wind of it, yeah?And the rest is about finding the physicality, the voice, and that kind of thing to make her real. So it was hard, but that day was as real as it could have possibly been for me, because in preparing for it, all I could do was be present.But I think America isn’t really made of many of Americans, is it?And our jobs as actors is to lend ourselves to things that are not of ourselves.

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