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Bluntly put, the winner might not even gain from the win unless it is a huge sum, and even then, big prize winners are few and far between.Gambling is never a way out of poverty, it can drive you further into it and for some even drive you to your grave.In addition, people should always understand that gambling is unrealistic and you might end up losing more than you could imagine. Unless it is a few hours before a large draw, the outlets are usually not that crowded.They provide quick service as well (may give fast food restaurants a run for its money! I would say that gambling is a means of entertainment, making money or getting rich for many.But after looking at these game draws/bets over in over again, every part of it still is gambling, and when dealing with gambling, it can be addictive and cause problem gambling.While the government says it is concerned with problem gambling, it actually supports Singapore Pools, which has caused many people addicted to things like 4D and Toto to have gambling problems and it tears apart families and friends.But gambling is also something that you can never fully eradicate from Man's psyche so outlawing gambling is akin to denying its existence.

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I think the key point is not to stop gambling altogether but to prevent excessive gambling and ensure loved ones and families do not get hurt due to one’s gambling addiction. Singapore Pools outlets are located almost everywhere on the island.I usually gamble during festive occasions such as Chinese New Year with my friends and family to have a good time.It's always good to have a healthy dose of realism and not turn it into a problematic behaviour.When I was a kid, I actually thought that Singapore Pools was a group that was in charge of all the Swimming Pools in Singapore - I even asked my mother if I had to go in and queue if I wanted to go to a public pool.It was only later when I was older that I deciphered that the word "pools" meant a pool prize that everyone would try to win.

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