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Irish liqueurs tend to lean in the direction of whisky liqueurs (Irish Mist being particulalry popular), but Ireland is also world famous for her cream liqueurs, including of course the world famous Bailey's.The Dubliner The Dubliner Irish Whiskey Liqueur sees three great flavours combined into one gorgeous liqueur - honeycomb, caramel and Irish whiskey.More info Hughes Craft Distillery "You look like a blueberry!" would not be an insult to Ruby Blue Bottled-Aged Blueberry Liqueur, considering how it's made with real blueberries, giving it a brilliant bold taste.

Whisk half the eggs into the creamed mixture, then whisk in half the flour.

Coffee is a crop that is grown extensively in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia.

The preparation of coffee essence for coffee liqueur is not dissimilar to the methods used in brewing commercial coffee, except that it is reduced many more times.

Plenty sweet with a touch of spice giving depth at its core.

More info Baileys The original Irish cream has always been a festive favourite, so the revered folk at Baileys have taken the necessary measures to up its game and release a specific Christmas Edition! More info Flaming Pig A spiced Irish whiskey liqueur that takes it's name from the great whiskey fire of 1875 when thousands of barrels ignited the the Liberties in Dublin, flowing into the streets. More info Feckin Drinks A great Feckin spiced whiskey from Ireland.

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