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Getting hit in the face was all part of Laurie Polata’s plan.She was desperate to get her daughter Michelle out of a seemingly endless cycle of opioid drug addiction, sex trafficking and crime.After years of taking opioid prescription pills after a wisdom tooth extraction, her dealer offered heroin to her five years ago, and she didn’t refuse it.Three out of every four heroin users become addicted in the same way, according to the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.“I live basically in hell,” she said. But she was on waiting lists at two local facilities, neither of which had room for her.

Meanwhile, Jonathan was sitting in a car, cutting into his wrists with a razor blade and wondering how dying could possibly be worse than the world he lived in every day. So he went home, having completely lost interest in his future. She and a counselor spent hours calling rehab centers all over the nation in the days following the suicide attempt, trying to find one that would take Jonathan immediately.She was sweating, desperation cracking the corners of her calm expression. She lived in a quiet corner of the city and grew up in Pittsford.She loves her Pomeranian, George, a miniature puffball of a dog who’s excited to see whoever comes to the door.After the first time she went to inpatient treatment, she wasn’t ready to give up the drug.Polatas started injecting heroin at 18 to save her relationship with a boyfriend.

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