Screenupdating true

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Enable Events = True End Sub Sub DP_disbursement() Dim number_disbursements As Integer Application.

Paste Special Paste:=xl Paste Values, Operation:=xl None, Skip Blanks _ :=False, Transpose:=False Application.

Could this be causing the application.screenupdating zorvek, I need to activate the tabs, because I need to access their command bars in order to refresh the data on the report.

Even if I restore the control tab before turning screen updating back on, wouldn't there still be a flash to the report tab while it's activated?

When I hit the button to run the reports, the various reports pop up as they are being run instead of the focus staying on the console page.

I am using and need to use sheetname.activate within each of the report subroutines.

While the reports are running, I would like the focus to stay on the console page.

And then put a debug.print before/after each line (including before after the select line). and then put a debug print after the called sub ends and the code returns to the original sub. Well that narrows it down to the selecting I guess, and I guess further that it's specifically the selection of a sheet that wasn't the active sheet when you launched the macro.

And then put a debug.print before/after each line (including before after the select line).

Once we use at the end of the code, it will revert to the default Excel message which is READY.

Display Alerts = True End Sub You can see the code posted in the module below - Now lets understand what each line of the code does - So first we set DISPLAYSTATUSBAR to true and then we set the message for the status bar.

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