Playstation sex chat

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Hackers “overwhelmed” Sony’s Play Station Network on Sunday, making the service unavailable to its tens of millions of users.The move brought back painful memories for Sony of a serious 2011 breach that exposed the names and passwords of millions of customers on the Play Station Network.It claims that the credit card information you will give it is just for age verification, which is obviously a load of lies.

SEE ALSO: Who Really Attacked Sony and Microsoft’s Networks?End the greed.” It’s worth noting that DDo S attacks are designed to flood a system’s servers with artificially high traffic and not access encrypted information, but rather disrupt access and overwhelm a service to the point where it must shut down.The Play Station Network and Sony Entertainment Network were hit by “an attempt to overwhelm our network with artificially high traffic,” Sony said Sunday in a blog post.Before you know it their parent's credit cards are now on the web thanks to the bot making them believe that they would get to see things if they paid.Don't be fooled, this chat is automatically generated and no matter what you tell it, it will repeat the same hogwash to you.

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