Perosonality traits women who are accommodating and self conscious

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Westerners try to get at things very clearly, asking what, why and how much. One Chinese man who returned to China after many years in the United States, told the Washington Post, “People think in a more complicated way.Chinese are more interested in dealing with things using metaphors or intuitive comparisons." Chinese have a high tolerance for uncertainty, Many feel comfortable and even thrive in it. I’m more straightforward now, but they’re all zigzagging.” A prominent architect said, “We could do much better if we could think more.The enterprises began in 2000 in Nanjing and have spread to Beijing and other cities. Chinese, for example, consider it rude to ask for something directly and tend to avoid using questions that have a yes or no answer to avoid putting someone in the position where they might have to give an answer they don't want to give or hurt someone's feelings.Even inquiring about directions can be perceived as impolite because the person who is asked directions may not know where the place is and this could cause them to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.

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It’s a fragile commodity in China that can easily be lost.... You can contradict somebody in front of someone who is lower ranking and cause that person to lose face.But you don’t have so much time for thinking.” People in China lie all the time about this and that. Workers lie when they are negotiating so they can a better job.Many Chinese are very tough and have endured hard lives (See Labor, Cultural Revolution).The government often uses social pressure in the form of face-losing criticism to keep people in line on issues such as having extra children or complaining about the government (the threat of imprisonment is also used).Maintaining face and avoiding losing face are important concepts in the West.

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