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"The start was slow, but picked up toward the end when I got warmer."Nowadays, casual matches are as good as it gets for HL2DM's most serious devotees.Of the 300 or so active daily players, around half are preoccupied with the game's Roleplay mode—a temperamental server which while hosting a huge map that lets players work, rent houses, commit crimes, and go to prison, isn't nearly as sophisticated—nor as fun—as it may sound.A hefty waiting list was perpetually on standby, whereby new teams would only replace outfits relegated from the lowest leagues.While both players have tried to invest time in the likes of Counter-Strike and TF2, unique weapons such as the Gravity Gun and how it's used in combat—"small nuances like lobbing frag grenades and catching them with the Gravity Gun can take years to master," says Maxtasy—combined with its skill-based movement and fast-action rounds have continually drawn them back to HL2DM.Your head begins falling slowly onto your keyboard, when suddenly you start dreaming that you're wearing your best suit, portfolio in hand.Heading to and interview at the Valve, Software headquarters located at 520 Kirkland Way, Kirkland, Washington. Deep in sleep, your body twitching, you wake up teleported INSIDE the captivating Valve, Headquarters. Rebels are coming from one side, Combine from the another.That's why these servers are usually at the top of the server browser and new players to the game usually join the most populated servers and get a weird first impression of the game, sadly."Of the remaining 150 or so folk who tend towards the game's default modes, the chances of finding players fit to challenge the likes of Maxtasy and The Real Quaz are few and far between. In 2006, two years after the multiplayer's inception, HL2DM was a regular in Steam's top ten most played games, pulling in upwards of 20,000 players per day.For competitive players, Clans United was established as the game's central European community website and over a six year period hosted 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 leagues which, at its peak, spanned five divisions with eight teams in each field.

"That was just a casual match," Quaz tells me afterwards.

After all, the original Half-Life shipped with its own iteration of the Deathmatch multiplayer—perhaps a third series instalment of Gordon Freeman's otherworldly adventures is what this community needs to get it back on track."It looks to me that Valve is indeed working on a new game in the Half-Life or Portal franchise, but also I got the feeling their new game will be highly influenced by new technologies like Virtual Reality," says Maxtasy.

"I fear the new game will be in VR, but I also doubt this will bring a new Deathmatch game.

Once inside you discover all of the many facets of Valve. Are you playing or working at Valve Office, Headquarters. What if Aperture Science was real in our world, doing business as VALVe, LLC? OFCC Team ============================================================================ Main features/facts: Areas: - Outside: (parking area, construction side) - Basement: (parking garage, data center, credits) - Groundfloor: (main entrance, valve lobby, offices) - 1rst-floor: (hl2 related, offices, workspaces) - 2nd-floor: (tf2 related, canteen, workspaces) - 3rd-floor: (portal related, workspaces, offices) - Roofs: (2 layers rpg containing maintenance area) Weapons Ammo: - 357: 4x (3x ammo) - Ar2: 7x (3x ammo, 7x orb) - Crossbow: 5x (4x ammo) - Crowbar: 3x - Grenades: 23x - Shotgun: 8x (7x ammo) - Smg: 5x (2x ammo, 6x nades) - Slam: 4x - Stunstick: 3x - Physbox: 8x - Rpg: 1x Health Charge: - Health-pack: 29x - Health-vial: 26x - Health-charger: 2x - Batterys: 14x - Suit-charger: 3x - Super-charger: 1x Spawnpoints: featuring both, DM and TDM gameplay.

Go find Gabes office and profess your talents to him. What if all the games were actually Aperture-Science testing facilities?

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