Msexchange autodiscover event id 1 web

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Resource utilization of the following resources exceed the normal level: Version buckets = 123 [Medium] [Normal=80 Medium=120 High=200] Back pressure caused the following components to be disabled: Inbound mail submission from the Internet Mail submission from the Pickup directory Mail submission from the Replay directory Mail delivery to remote domains The following resources are in the normal state: Queue database and disk space (“Q:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Transport Roles\data\Queue\mail.que”) = 3% [Normal] [Normal=95% Medium=97% High=99%] Queue database logging disk space (“Q:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Transport Roles\data\Queue\”) = 4% [Normal] [Normal=95% Medium=97% High=99%] Private bytes = 16% [Normal] [Normal=71% Medium=73% High=75%] Physical memory load = 40% [limit is 94% before message dehydration occurs.] Quite often, clients may face issues were multiple users within the exchange are unable to make email communications within the network or to other networks or sometimes both.Here, we shall look into the troubleshooting and resolution of such issues.

You are unable to login to your OWA/ECP Page and instead you get an error: Once you look at your event viewer you notice it records the event ID 4 with the following error The HCW or "Hybrid Configuration Wizard" In Exchange 2013 (CU6 or 8) might cause some changes to your CAS folder in the following path and file"c:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Client Access\ecp\DDI"` the file name is Remote and multiply some variables which causes ECP to fail and report that error. This is done if a particular error is shown by the sender’s server namely, “530 5.7.1 Client was not authenticated and generate NDR”.Under such circumstances, we do the following Log Name: Application Source: MSExchange Transport Date: 4/17/2013 AM Event ID: 15004 Task Category: Resource Manager Level: Warning Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: HUBServer Name Description: Resource pressure increased from Normal to Medium. So, the solution was to remove the two duplicates and correct the format of the variable line… This is the server that works in another environment and doesn't have any issue.

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