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Divorcees are especially vulnerable, author Fleet says.“Their spouse may have told them they were fat and worthless.She encourages anyone involved in or considering the Internet dating scene to beware when the following happens: Amy Nofziger, director of regional operations with the AARP Foundation, does extensive work with the AARP Fraud Watch Network and notes fraudsters profess their love to you quickly.In the beginning, they might send flowers and even write poetry to charm you.Not all of them want to stay that way because 40 million have turned to online dating sites to find a partner, says an article last month on What doesn’t say in that story is not all of these online “daters” are looking for a loving relationship.If you’ve suffered financial fraud, also call your bank. You also need to protect yourself from future wrongdoings by this scammer.“Flag and close any accounts he or she may have access to,” Fleet says.

If you’re suspicious, Nofziger has some suggestions on how to find out if your potential match is actually part of an online dating scam.

Perform a Google Image search on the person’s photo.

Fraudsters often use profiles stolen off the Web from modeling agencies or military sites.

These scammers know how to say the right thing at the right time, and we fall for it.” According the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, romance scams reported in 2014 totaled more than million, but Nofziger says this type of financial fraud is underreported.

“Victims are embarrassed and ashamed that they fell for the fraud.

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