Laws on dating minors in colorado

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Prosecutors charge Internet Luring of a Child (CRS 18-3-306), Enticement of a Child (CRS 18-3-305), or Sexual Exploitation of a Child (CRS 18-6-403) whenever someone interacts sexually with a child who is younger than the age of consent.Colorado does not recognize anyone younger than seventeen as being legally capable of giving their consent in a sexual relationship.They should know that sometimes, angry parents will file charges against the older partner in the pair,.Or, a nasty break-up could lead to someone seeking sexual assault on a child charges out of revenge.And, children younger than 15 may also give legal sexual consent to a person not more than four years older than them.

Sexual assault on a child occurs when there is sexual touching (not including penetration), even if the touching is over clothing, when the minor is 14 or younger, and the defendant is at least four years older than the minor. §18-3-402 & 18-3-405.) State law requires, in addition to the applicable fines and prison time, that people convicted of certain sexual crimes (including statutory rape) must register as sex offenders.

And for information about rape between spouses, see Colorado Marital Rape Laws.

Statutory rape is prosecuted under Colorado’s sexual assault laws, and penalties depend on the ages of the defendant and victim, as described below.

Even though five years does not seem like much of an age difference, the law thinks differently.

The law says five years is too much when it comes to sexual relationships and the sexual choices of teens, minors, and juveniles.

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