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As these are often “one off” experiences that vary, there is noposition description.

The experience is discussed with, and supervised bystaff, and parents are given a copy of the Guidelines and Rights and Responsibilities of Volunteers.- assisting with the children in the playrooms with the parentparticipation roster.

Visitors to our preschool are a regular occurrence.

Family members or potential families want to visit a service when deciding on care for their children.

See Management Committee Job Description - organising and supporting social experiences for families, e.g.family evening etc.

Social events are organised by members of the Management Committee, the Activity Coordinators, with other people for the general parent body assisting as required. - sharing skills and interests with the children in the educationprogram, e.g.

In order to ensure this is preserved during the engagement of student and volunteers, and in order to remain compliant with regulations and legislation, the service will abide by the strategies and practices outlined in this policy.Ensure that parents/guardians of a child attending the service can enter the service premises at any time that the child is being educated and cared for, except where this may pose a risk to the safety of children or staff, or conflict with any duty of the Approved Provider, Nominated Supervisor or staff members under the law.Ensure that the staff record contains information for all volunteers/students attending the service with details of name, address, date of birth, days and hours of participation and details of the Working with Children (WWC) Check Enable parents/guardians of children attending the service to access the service premises at any time the child is being educated and cared for, except where this poses a risk to the safety of children and/or staff. is a community based non-profit preschool that relies heavily on the support of volunteers.The preschool encourages students and volunteer participation as we are committed to assisting students gain valuable experience in early childhood settings.As a non-profit, community based organisation, Bexley Jack and Jill Preschool, relies heavily on the use of volunteers to help provide a high quality and affordable program for the children and families.

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