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So here I am again, struggling to find my place among a group of female expat bloggers, all of whom are 20 years younger than me and ten-times better writers.

I must be the unknowing beneficiary of some sort of blogger affirmative action program, because otherwise I’m at a loss to explain my inclusion in this field.

It truly takes an open mind and a profound respect of diversity to work these things out and, even better, to let them enrich your everyday life. So I bring to his attention the decibels level that most people in Italy reach when they talk ‘normally’ and there he has to concede that I’m actually not that loud. I suppose that when dealing with a very different culture, let’s say, a German and a Japanese, both parties would be very self-aware about possible social faux pax (Do I say “Hi?

OK, enough introductions, let’s get down to some light-hearted Euro-bashing. We’ve had our jollies in the past, taking cheap shots at European culture and its social idiosyncrasies. It’s hard to believe that we’re voluntarily subjecting ourselves to this, but there’s nothing we won’t do for the amusement of our readers.I moved in with her two months later, and two years after that we were married. In Italy – and again, this does not apply to everybody – I had grown tired of all the seductive scenes and the Cirano poems and the drama.These days, she’s a full-time to our beautiful little goddess, Demetra. And I had grown tired of a game where girls should pretend to be disinterested even when they’re interested so as not to be judged, and men should pretend they’re serious when they’re not, just to have a chance to gain favor (among other goals).And please, if you’re in a cross-cultural relationship, let us know your thoughts, too! to compare life in America to life in Italy, I’ve learned to answer the question diplomatically by saying “Well, you see, no place is perfect; you gain something, you lose something, and in the end it’s not better or worse—it’s just different. If you’re dating someone from another culture, I would always say “Keep your mind open, and when you think it’s open, open it some more,” You’ll be rewarded.And it all depends on what your priorities are.” Diplomatic, indeed, this answer is also very true.

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