Intimidating fans in

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Now that the Super Bowl is behind us, we can now concentrate on the only team sport that really matters - college basketball!For me, March Madness is the greatest sporting event of the year, especially when you have your own dog in the hunt.PC pairings will be assigned shortly before that platform's launch later this year."Over the last eight years the Monster Hunter community has grown and expanded to become one of the most inclusive, brotherly, and helpful online gaming communities that we have ever had the pleasure to be a part of," the website says.

They sidestep the subtleties of heckling by dressing like characters from a The Hills Have Eyes/Road Warrior crossover movie.

Even if my Xavier Musketeers don't make it to the big dance, I still love watching and rooting for all the smaller schools around the country, especially when they knock off NCAA's royalty.

Everyone is familiar with the Duke Cameron Crazies.

I would rather be a corrections officer patrolling a prison rodeo than step into this place wearing a Chiefs jersey.

And the owner is Al Davis, so you know he doesn’t give a shit who lives or dies at his place of business.

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