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Now instant messaging apps are cross-platform, so you can sync your conversation across your smartphone, tablet and desktop. You may think you’re sharing data confidentially when using Facebook Messenger, Skype or Snapchat, but sometimes it’s just an illusion.Messaging apps also offer the option to be used for both online IMs and SMSs. Without end-to-end encryption, your conversations are right in the crosshairs of cyber criminals, government meddling and amoral marketers.Not even Internet service providers, the app maker, the government or anyone else.The data is protected against tampering, surveillance, cyber criminals while it’s transmitted and stored.Similar apps including Tango and Line are still available in the country.The service had been banned because it failed to “comply with regulations”, an official told local news services.

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We did a roundup of these encrypted apps because the battle for our data is fiercer than ever.

Video and voice calling allows people to call over the internet rather than phone networks, avoiding the expense that can often come with calling outside of the country or for extended times.

Internet calling over Whats App and Viber were already blocked.

For example, the service provider could be hacked by an adversary, or compromised by an insider, causing sensitive information to be leaked.

A fault in the service provider could cause data to be corrupted.

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