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Unfortunately, animal cruelty is a real problem in some elephant 'sanctuaries' - for instance, avoid any centre that makes the elephants perform tricks.Fortunately, there are plenty of good ele experiences out there too.It's a chilling spot, but essential on any Thailand itinerary.Close by, you'll find the Tiger Temple, which has been the focus of some damning animal welfare reports.Choose your tour guide wisely – ensure that they operate in an ethical and sustainable manner.Take a look at our guide to hill trekking in Thailand to find out how to meet the locals on the most colourful tribal treks the country has to offer.Make sure you follow our 7 etiquette tips for travelling in Thailand, to ensure you don't offend local customs.

Both are haunting relics from WWII, constructed by prisoners of war.It's the iconic photo shot: the floating market, with rickety wooden boats piled high with colourful local produce.Pick a market, and arrive early to avoid crowds and bag the best bargains.The point where the Mekong River meets the Ruak River is known locally as Sop Ruak, but to the rest of the world it's the Golden Triangle: the point at which Burma/Myanmar, Laos and Thailand meet.Stand on the Thailand river bank, and you can look across to Burma/Myanmar and Laos, or hire a boat for a closer look.

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