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It was syndicated internationally in Australia on SBS2 and The Comedy Channel, in the United Kingdom on Comedy Central Extra, and in Canada formerly on Much Music and later on The Comedy Network.

But she has had quite enough of Porsha being around her so she walks off on that conversation.

I was sitting at the bar with a young lady who I’d met there talking about her business and networking possibilities when she pointed out that there were two men in a booth staring at us. I immediately had a panic attack, Then on his way out he stopped and hugged me.

I was FURIOUS at myself for not telling him to get the hell away from me.

Also, I’ve coerced someone into trying their hand at recapping Xscape. While I would love to go there on weekend afternoon for lunch, that will not be happening for a while because the place has a line around the block all the time and people are waiting hours to be seated. Todd and Kandi are starting to realize how much work a restaurant business is. Then she drops the news to Nene that Kenya is officially married.

Also tonight is The Walking Dead, recapped by the fabulous Lady C. Well, it looks like Straight From the A and Freddy O were the websites picked for the show.

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