Auto updating jpg viewer

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With the EOS 350D and 400D you can only select RAW Large JPEG as a simultaneous shooting option.

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This is a big advantage as it allows the files to be kept separately.

You can download the JPEG files quickly to a computer if you need to e-mail or print them immediately, leaving the RAW files for later.

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While this is not for shooting RAW and JPEG at the same time, it does allow you to switch between the two formats on an image-by-image basis without having to enter the camera menu each time.

The JPEG image is embedded within the RAW file and must be extracted with File Viewer Utility software (supplied with the camera).

Other models allow you to set the RAW JPEG option through the ‘Quality’ setting menu screen and save the files separately to your CF or SD media card. Select one of the RAW JPEG options on display When you’re shooting both RAW and JPEG together, the camera has a larger amount of data to process so there will be more megabytes to save to the memory card.

In April 2010 Canon introduced its RAW Codec Version 1.7 software plug-in that enables the import and display of Canon RAW image files when installed in Windows Vista (including SP1), Windows XP SP2 and XP SP3.

Note that Windows Imaging Component (WIC) supported applications are required.

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