Artist dating a scientist

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Practicing artists were paired with practicing scientists (as in the case of Bar None, a bar featuring all of the social bonding, minus the alcohol, created by Nasimeh B. and Sena Koleva), to two scientists who handled the artistic components themselves (as in the case of Brett Russell and Chance Plaskett, who used their lab experience to get festival-goers painting with fluorescent bacteria).While we knew we wanted to give artists and scientists the chance to collaborate creatively, it was awesome to see how much the roles mixed – Trina Chiasson was a Visiting Scientist at the Museum of Natural History, but very much worked as an artist on The Entomophatron, designing and constructing the bar herself.On this guest blog, residency project manager Cassie Flores gives a recap of Guerilla Science’s first ever Artist-Scientist Festival Residency which brought together new interdisciplinary teams of researchers and creators for the Oregon Eclipse Festival in August 2017.

Those 10 projects were developed over the course of a 6-week residency where residents got access to Pratt studio space and fabrication facilities to realize their projects.

(It doesn't mean they love you any less.)I know plenty of people who live by the "opposites attract" mantra and their relationships and friendships are healthy and great.

However, I know others (like me), who prefer that their partners be on par with them, creatively speaking, or at least have sparks of out-of-the-box ideas sometimes.

They also got to learn more about performance from GS’ own Rachel Karpf, fresh off her work as Science Dramaturg for Works on Water.

She was able to meet one-on-one with each team, to examine how they could best convey the excitement they felt about their works to audience members.

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