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Pigat is a versatile player who has played in a jazz trio, a rock band, a cowpunk band as well as many other settings and seems equally at home in all of them.

He is certainly at home fronting Cousin Harley and the combined skills of the trio serve up Jansen The band name, title and cover art reveal that this seven piece (plus) band deal in a serving up a boiling stew of Tex-Mex, Stax, surf, rock ’n’ roll, garage, twang and punk or Mariachi Death Surf as they like to call it.

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Another song takes the expression “if the good Lord’s willing and the creeks don’t rise” - a phase used to good effect also by Hank Williams Snr. Now where’s that magnifying glass and I’ll read the text on the cover.He has written or co-written all the songs here that deal with a wide range of emotions and locations.The opening track is a more twangy offering with its tale of a rodeo cowboy.It features Gray’s equally transatlantic musical outlook which blends some Americana bluesy roots rock with some hard rock 60’s UK attitude.Divided into sides A and B it features Gray’s songs and effective voice.

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